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cs Files and Directories



File exists

using System.IO;
bool exists = File.Exists("myfile.txt");

Get all file content in a String

using System.IO;
String contents = File.ReadAllText("myfile.txt");

Write all content string to a File

using System.IO;
File.WriteAllText("myfile.txt", "hello world !!", Encoding.UTF8);


Directory exists

using System.IO;
bool exists = Directory.Exists("my/dir");

Create Directory

using System.IO;
DirectoryInfo dirInfo = Directory.CreateDirectory("my/dir");
bool exists = dirInfo.Exists;

Test if directory is readonly

using System.IO;
DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo("my/dir");
bool isReadOnly = (dirInfo.Attributes & FileAttributes.ReadOnly) > 0;
// Note, if you want to remove ReadOnly attributes:
// dirInfo.Attributes = dirInfo .Attributes & ~FileAttributes.ReadOnly;

Get directory name

using System.IO;
String dirname = Path.GetDirectoryName("my/dir");

IDisposable implementation, how to use “using” instruction ?

Instead of writing something like this :

StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(myfile.txt");
    s = reader.ReadLine();

you can write this :

using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader("myfile.txt"))
    s = reader.ReadLine();
// here is called "reader.Dispose()".

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