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I am a french lover about new technologies... and Linux ! Everyday I spend a lot of time looking for tips and tricks. I want to share them with you. Linux can be used as many ways. For example as a desktop to surf on the net, play games, chat with people, etc. But here you will find Administration script to setup your servers. Those scripts are "getting started". On one command, you will be able to install and configure your own server.

A lot of Linux distrubution exists : Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware, etc. I made a choice to the entreprise linux family: Redhat, CentOS by example. But you can adapt easily all these tips and tricks on your own distribution.


Red Hat Linux Enterprise Community

CentOS Community Enterprise Operating System

most used links


SCM as Source Control Manager. This contains Subversion, Git, Mercurial. They are all free/open-source. Subversion is a client-server while Git and Mercurial are distributed.


Monitoring is important for your IT park. You want to know if the services are up and many other informations. Some tools like Nagios, Centreon, GLPI, OCSReports will help you to do that.


On a life cycle development, you need source server, library server, automatic check engine. You will love it: Nexus is a library server; Jenkins a task scheduler; Sonar a static code analyser.

Linux survival guide

Linux is easy, pretty and very rich. Sometimes you can not remember how to do that thing. By example mounting a file system. Linux survival guide is made for you !

Security survival guide

What is more important than safety ? You want to be secure against the hackers/crackers. But also against the hardware life cycle. Let's deal with some easy rules to prevent to loose your data.

MariaDB survival guide

MariaDB is a fork of MySQL database. It is high compatibility with MySQL. By default EL 7 and higher use MariaDB. You will find some tips and tricks.

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